Mary's family cameras 8-))

A little while back my friend Mary O'Leary gave Amy and I these cool cameras. They were her fathers, and she fondly told us how he enjoyed making photos and movies. She wanted a good home for them. I am so glad they are on our shelf.  I thought it might be nice to photograph them for her. If you are reading this Mary, I will bring over some prints next time I am over at the Medical Center. Hope you had a good holiday. Happy New Year.


cutters and carport 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | ...

My dad brought these cutters down for me a couple of months ago. They originally belonged to my great grandfather. We both thought they were really cool. There are 9 of them so it just made sense to use them in a new series. The last one is a composite and measures 23.5 x 100 in @ 300 dpi. Please click on an image to view them all larger 8-)).


Space Heater Element

Each year over Thanksgiving my family heads down to Carolina Beach, NC to spend the Holiday with my mom's brother Joe his wife and 2 girls. At some point during the stay we take a walk to the ruins of the Dow Chemical plant back in the woods by the Cape Fear river. One year during the walk I picked up this rusty heater element because I thought it would be interesting as a photograph. I then decided that I did not feel like carrying it so I put it down against a stump and left it there. The next year we took the same walk and it was still there in the same spot.

Fishing Lure

Fishing Lure - This is another object from my mom's collection. She found it along the bank of Bear Creek near Jim Thorpe, PA

Guinness Cap

Cap - From a signed and dated bottle of Guinness Stout gifted to my parents on the day of my birth. They had saved the bottle for 6 years. Then, one day my dad was working in the yard and asked me to go and get him a beer. When I did not find a PBR in the fridge, and without understanding the significance, I popped the top on the Guinness and took it out to him.