Amy Smith and an Avocado in the Shed

Now that we are using the shed as a small studio, i am excited to start getting some people over and working together on portraits as well as anything else that comes to mind. Of course Amy ( is always the perfect subject. Here she is along with - an avocado 8-)). Please click on the image to see the full frame. Canon 5d mark iii, 100mm macro.


For Amy, a combination of Norman strobe heads on either side and a 2 second exposure with Kino Flos for the background and fill. For the avocado, a Norman tri-lite on the background and a single strobe head to camera right. Double exposure

Driveway Leaves

A cold day - 11/09/17 - very light drizzle. Series of six. Click image for full size. Thanks for looking!!!

Railroad Ties

When it is lightly raining and overcast the subtle textures and dark tones are really beautiful. Click on the image to enlarge. Series of 8.

cutters and carport 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | ...

My dad brought these cutters down for me a couple of months ago. They originally belonged to my great grandfather. We both thought they were really cool. There are 9 of them so it just made sense to use them in a new series. The last one is a composite and measures 23.5 x 100 in @ 300 dpi. Please click on an image to view them all larger 8-)).



four corners and a wall