four corners and a wall

Drag Queen Max Miss Everything

We shot this image a little while back for the cover of the festival issue of C-Ville Weekly. The shoot was a lot of fun 8-)). The art director (Max March) brought the pink backdrop, and Max Miss Everything brought the dress, the cape, the patience, and the glamor. We used 2 lights on set. The main, a 20.5 inch Profoto Softlight and the fill, a Hensel ringflash to make the colors really pop. Thanks Amy for your help, creativity, and support.


New Portfolios

I am actively seeking new work and have updated my books. I would love to come meet with you and share the photographs. Please give me a call - even if you don't have any current photographic needs.

AccuTec Blades for The Ivy Group

Recently, Stephen Burden and The Ivy Group , a full service ad agency in Charlottesville Virginia, have done a reworking of the AccuTec brand. We were so excited when The Ivy Group asked us to shoot in their sprawling Verona, Virginia factory. Everyone was so helpful and nice. Thanks Stephen and Siska for your hard work and making the shoot productive and fun. And, thanks as always Amy Jackson for putting up with me. It turned out to be about a 14 hour day.


Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center (Regan)

A little while back, we were shooting for a promotional piece at the UVA Cancer Center. This little girl walked by the set. We all stopped and looked at her. She was curious about what was going on and excited by the camera. She wanted to take a picture. Why not? Right. So we stopped and spent just a little bit of time with her before she went for her treatment. After her treatment, she came back, we put her in the set and got a photo of her for her family. Over the years shooting in the hospital I have met a handful of kids that have had to deal with serious illness. Looking at this girl, and having an idea of the kind of discomfort and pain she has had to go through is just heartbreaking. It makes you have to hold back the tears. But, there is something about these kids that is so special. You can just see it when you look in their eyes. Maybe it is because of their experiences with illness, the people (professionals, family, and friends), the sacrifice and the commitment treatment requires. I don't know.


Mirabelle for UVA Health System

A while back we did a shoot with the University of Virginia Health System. Daphne Latham was the stylist and one day brought her daughter Mirabelle. Mirabelle is a great talent, she sings, acts, does stand up comedy. I am pretty sure is headed for fame. Anyways, she ended up modeling in this photo for us and was a complete natural. Here are some more images from the shoot.  Thanks to Mitch, Daphne, Susanna, and Amy, for making the shoot so successful and so much fun 8-))


Space Heater Element

Each year over Thanksgiving my family heads down to Carolina Beach, NC to spend the Holiday with my mom's brother Joe his wife and 2 girls. At some point during the stay we take a walk to the ruins of the Dow Chemical plant back in the woods by the Cape Fear river. One year during the walk I picked up this rusty heater element because I thought it would be interesting as a photograph. I then decided that I did not feel like carrying it so I put it down against a stump and left it there. The next year we took the same walk and it was still there in the same spot.

Fishing Lure

Fishing Lure - This is another object from my mom's collection. She found it along the bank of Bear Creek near Jim Thorpe, PA

Apex Clean Energy take 2

I love shooting the company photos for APEX Clean Energy. They added another 80 or so employees in the last year (what) and are a pretty amazing group of people. Thanks so much to Brooke and Dahvi with APEX for scheduling and being so helpful with anything we needed. Heather Romberger ( and Angie Ferguson ( for your support and making the employees look great. And of course, Amy Jackson ( for making everything better.

To see a few more of these APEX heads please visit my workbook site at (CLICK HERE).


Jonathan Kipnis Lab for Vitals

Having the opportunity to shoot and get to know the research staff, the doctors, and the patients at UVa. Medical Center is always a pleasure. We recently were once again in the Kipnis labs doing work for The Medical Alumni Associations publication Vitals Antoine Louveau, Jony Kipnis, and the rest of the crew are doing some amazing work in the field of neuroimmunology and have "opened up whole new areas of study about how the brain works and the influence of the immune system on diseases of the brain". (Linda Kobert - copywriter for Vitals) BIG. Anyways, Amy and I had a great time and were pretty psyched about the photos. Thanks Anne, Liz and Linda for putting together a great publication, and Amy for all your help and support 8-)).

Guinness Cap

Cap - From a signed and dated bottle of Guinness Stout gifted to my parents on the day of my birth. They had saved the bottle for 6 years. Then, one day my dad was working in the yard and asked me to go and get him a beer. When I did not find a PBR in the fridge, and without understanding the significance, I popped the top on the Guinness and took it out to him.

Dahila Lithwick and Cookie Monster

"What kind of Muppet are you, chaos or order?"  Chaos Theory - A Unified Theory of Muppet Types is the Slate article Dahlia wrote that inspired this weeks cover of C-Ville Weekly. Dahlia was so nice and easy to work with. Obviously a pretty awesome person. Thanks Bill for the concept and dressing up as Cookie Monster. Here is some more of Dahlia's work with The Slate

Chief Longo for C'ville Weekly

The other day we had the opportunity to shoot Chief Longo over at the police station for the C'Ville Weekly (article here).  We shot against a blank greenish colored wall using a Norman Tri Lite 2000 and a Canon 45mm TS-E lens.  The Chief was straight forward and very easy to work with.  I can't imagine what a difficult and demanding job he has.  Anyways, we really enjoyed the shoot.  Thanks Bill and Amy for the art direction and help.  BTW - the Chief did his own hair.  8-))


Campbell's Soup for Klöckner Pentaplast

Lisa at Payne Ross and Associates, a Charlottesville VA based full service ad agency ( called last month asking us to do a set of photos for Klöckner Pentaplast ( She wanted something stylish but also clean and easy to understand. Klöckner is a leader in providing packaging, printing and specialty film solutions for more types of product than I could possibly imagine. Think - the plastic (film) that batteries come in, or the printed sleeves on bottles of water, credit cards, pill packs, medical devices, and on and on. Anyways, in this case, Campbell's had decided to change up the packaging on their microwaveable single serve soups. The goal? To address a desire by their consumers to be able to see the actual soup ingredients on the shelf in the supermarket. I won't go into it here, but I will say that the issues involved, the research, testing, and implementation are really interesting.

We shot 4 photos to go with an article being published next month in the packaging trade magazine Packaging World ( We are REALLY hoping that one of these would make the cover and it did 8-)) Thanks Lisa! Here is a link to the digital version of the magazine, if you are interested the article starts on page 50.

WWII Veterans for C'ville

Amy and I recently photographed 3 WWII veterans for the Charlottesville, Virginia weekly magazine, C'ville Weekly (Click on the images to see them bigger). It was so great to get a chance to meet these guys and hear a few of their stories. Thanks for giving us your time and hospitality.  8-))

Jack Bertram, a B-17 pilot in World War II, kept in touch with his crew throughout the years, through Christmas cards and letters, and also at yearly reunions for the 95th bomb group. He and bombardier Harry Hull, lifelong friends, are the last living members of their crew.


James “Monk” Bingler served in the 394th infantry regiment of 99th infantry division in World War II. Although fighting on the frontlines and being captured by the Germans left him with nightmares, he has been able to channel his experiences into positivity through his mission to help others.


Dr. Jim Kavanaugh served as a B-17 radio operator in World War. He says he only shared his stories with his family over the years if they asked. “But it seemed so encapsulated and increasingly distant to me that I couldn’t imagine that it would be of genuine interest to anybody, except maybe [at] these veteran gatherings, and even then you talk more freely to someone who’s done it because you don’t have to explain it.”