Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center (Regan)

A little while back, we were shooting for a promotional piece at the UVA Cancer Center. This little girl walked by the set. We all stopped and looked at her. She was curious about what was going on and excited by the camera. She wanted to take a picture. Why not? Right. So we stopped and spent just a little bit of time with her before she went for her treatment. After her treatment, she came back, we put her in the set and got a photo of her for her family. Over the years shooting in the hospital I have met a handful of kids that have had to deal with serious illness. Looking at this girl, and having an idea of the kind of discomfort and pain she has had to go through is just heartbreaking. It makes you have to hold back the tears. But, there is something about these kids that is so special. You can just see it when you look in their eyes. Maybe it is because of their experiences with illness, the people (professionals, family, and friends), the sacrifice and the commitment treatment requires. I don't know.